Tperson LTD

Founded in 2010, "Tperson" is a leading Israeli software development company which specializes in Business Intelligence solutions that support management decision-making processes.

"Tperson" assists its clients in building integrative, smart and simple Information systems in order to improve their performance, accelerate their growth and help to plan and implement effective adaptive moves in a rapidly changing environment.

Our broad portfolio of services allows us to provide our customers with the expertise, best practices and solutions they need, from strategy and architecture through implementation, training and governance.
Who is a Tperson?

A Tperson is a person with high professional skills and also wide horizons, a variety of personal interests, multidisciplinary knowledge, broad life experience and high learning abilities.

The vertical line of the "T" represents professionalism.
The horizontal line of the "T" represents wide horizons.

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